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Kanaha, Maui, Hawaii

Kanaha, Maui, Hawaii

For those that want to spend some time engaged in water sports in Hawaii, Kanaha on Maui’s North Shore is a great option.  Apart from the incredible trade winds that create world class conditions for windsurfing and kiteboarding, the beaches are spectacular and offer outdoor showers, public restrooms, picnic tables and lightly populated beaches.

I would recommend this area for those beginners looking to enjoy some kitesurfing on their trip.  While this sport offers a steep learning curve, once you have picked up the basics it is well worth the effort and one can spend countless hours careening along the water enjoying the sport.  There are no shortage of outfits that offer private lessons and many are concentrated at Kite Beach.  Just keep an eye out for the vans and converted milk trucks.

Bamboo Hike On Maui, Hawaii

Bamboo Hike On Maui, Hawaii

If you are looking for a break from the beach and on the lookout for some adventure, the Hana Highway on Maui, Hawaii is an incredible spot to visit and offers far more than just sightseeing.  Apart from the fact that you experience a very authentic Hawaii in this area, you will have a chance to take a respite from the tourist crowds as well.  I recommend the bamboo hike, which is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the “Commando Hike”.

This hike combines the some incredible features including hiking through a dense bamboo forest which opens up to some jungle streams and waterfalls.  The hike is accessible right after the single lane section of the Hana Highway with the blind corner.

While I wish I could be more specific to readers, this hike is not labeled (few things on the Hana Highway are) and there is no signage.  Therefore, this description is the best I can provide.  Please note, it is also across from the rainbow eucalyptus grove off to the side of the road which is generally a spot where many folks pull over, stretch their legs and take pictures.

I would surmise this is about 15 to 20 minutes from mile marker 1 at the outset of the Hana Highway.  The bamboo hike is certainly not for the faint of heart but it is not a dangerous or technically challenging hike either.   I would rate this largely a beginner to intermediate hike although I would not suggest it to children.

During periods of intense rain the waterfalls on this side of Maui can really be breathtaking and this is a location where you can see several in succession and also swim in the pools they create.  Be aware that there can often be muddy conditions so be prepared to get some dirt and mud on your feet.  I typically perform this hike in flip flops.

I would also suggest wearing shoes that you expect to get wet.  Remember also that the mud on Maui has a heavy mineral content and has earned the honorific “Maui Mud” for its ability to stain clothes a dark brownish hue. Therefore, don’t wear or bring items that you want to protect. I would also recommend bringing your own water on this hike.

A 12-16 ounce water bottle should be enough to suffice given the length of the hike which is about 2 hours in totality. There will be portions of this hike as well that require some climbing and the final push will require swimming through some pools to access Angel Fall which is the final waterfall of the adventure. If you are up for some climbing, swimming and hiking this hike is a must do when in Hawaii.